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Want to make giveaways easier? Let this raffle app pick a random giveaway winner for you! Conduct as many competitions as you want and let others follow you closely as you select 2020 winners by using their actual names or Instagram user names in your lists.

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App Features

Superb Design

We've worked hard to develop the best straight-forward app design that takes you straight to the point.

Fast Loading

Our custom build instagram API has an average comment importing time of 1.7 seconds for an average of 5000 comments.

Unlimited Import

Scratch away all that 50 comment non-sense! Import all the comments you can hold, no limits!

Component Based Design

Our UI design pattern get you straight to the point without all the hassle and the headache.

Clean Code

Our engineers have made sure that the app runs smoother than a german built engine, bugs are killed and just awesomeness remains.


Our app has tons of features but still sits there quietly in your phone taking a small amount of space.

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Get us on IOS

Catering to all the IOS lovers out there, we've developed our IOS app.

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Get us on Android

If you love that small green android robot then you'll love us too!


Good Review From Good People

This us a great randomizer app, the best one I’ve ever used. Love it ❤️


I have my instagram account where I do giveaways at least every 2 weeks. This app makes it a los of easier and fun. Thanks, keep up the good work. 💪🏻

Рита Каджаджян

Really works great for Instagram now. Really would appreciate it working with Twitter! I have global users that do t use Instagram and it’s really difficult to add ALL Twitter users. Otherwise really nice start.

Mathew Arnolds

An app of the best, it is very easy for me to giveaways do not complicate your life and install it I recommend it.

Arnold Howards

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Frequently Ask Questions

If my instagram is on private, can I still get comments names?

No, your Instagram must be open, in order for us to extract the users names from your account.

It’s actually very simple, just press on “LISTS” at the bottom or “MANAGE LISTS” on the menu, and then press “NEW LIST” after you have created just go again on that page, and press again “NEW LIST”, if you still don’t know let us know, and will send you a video how to do.

No there is no limit, you can add as many names as you want.

No! that's what make us unique, no limits on importing, using & running giveaways!

We'd love to here from you!

Send us a message using the form, or using any of our mobile apps & we'll get back to you in no time!

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